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Episode #380 – Why You Need to Tell Them How

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It’s Saturday… Try This!

A couple thoughts before I begin… First, if you love staying at Disney World, this is going to make you want to go on vacation.  Second, I know, I know… our businesses are not Disney World.

That being said, here’s a video from my recent stay at Disney World.  It’s the TV in the hotel room.

When you turn on the TV it defaults to the Disney Information Screen.  It’s a rotating information board with, as you can see, the time/date/temperature.  It also has the overview on the side for the park hours, then the rotating “in depth” information for each park.

But remember, this is in the hotel room.  Your in room experience gives you all the information you need to “keep you at Disney”.  It’s a closed world marketing experience!

You could find this information on the internet, in a brochure, walking to the front desk, or even showing up at the park… but what is the risk in this?  The risk is distraction.  You turn on your TV and instantly you have the park times!  You know the weather.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.  They’re teaching you how to use their product!

So how can you use this??? After all, you’re not Disney World!

Look for areas where you can close the gap in your business’s experience.  For example… ONBOARDING!  When you sell something, make sure your customer knows how to use the “something”.  Call them after they purchase.    The Disney video board is simply “onboarding” for it’s guests.  They are not able to call everyone to let them know the park hours, so instead they made this video service.

However, you can call people!  If you can’t call… email, direct to a video on a website, or provide a brochure.  But follow up.  Make sure they are having a positive experience using your product.  This positive experience helps your Infinity Marketing Machine!

If you rent something, put special information in/on the thing you rent!  If you ship something via an internet sale, don’t forget to include a thank you note!  Ultimately, teach people how to use your services.

This teaching moment gives you a great opportunity to turn the customer into a fan and that results in your tribe.

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
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Action Steps
1- Onboard your customers!  Look for a way that you can do this better… it’s very helpful to your customers.
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