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Episode #361 – How Do You Display Your Talents?

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Try This!

Showcase your talent in a different way!  Here are a few photos of a display at the Beach Club Hotel at Disney World shortly before Easter.

What you’re looking at is the creation of the bakery cast!  All 500 pounds of chocolate… yummmm.  The display could have been put behind glass, but it’s right in the open. The protective barrier is created from a fence, Lilies, and grass… the theme brings the emotion of the an egg hunt.  And the table is drizzled with jelly beans.

It highlights the talents of their staff AND entertains the guests.  I know our local restaurant creates a huge gingerbread house of it’s restaurant in a winter scene.  Again, it’s a neat seasonal surprise that showcases their employees talents.  Think creatively… what can you do at your business that takes your preexisting talent and highlights it for your guests?

We did a version of this last summer at our special event.  We had a photo of each crew member and under each photo created a brief statement of something unique!  It was a way to get a new perspective of each person by highlighting a new talent.  It may not have been sculpted in 400 pounds of chocolate, but it did make an entertaining focal point!

Hop to it… make a creative conversation piece.

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Action Steps
1- Think about how you can showcase your business’ talents in a new an innovative way.  I like the idea of a display or creative focal point!  It could be a talent show, display on facebook or even a flip book to get to “introduce” a new side of your employees to your customers.
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