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Episode #332 – What Have You Learned Today?

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“Unless you do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.” Ronald Osborne

Today’s inspiration is a reminder that we don’t want to become a Subject Matter Expert for the heck of it.  It takes a great deal of effort to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.

Now… I say effort, but that doesn’t mean hard.  You need to put time into your messaging and updates but the real benefit is the personal satisfaction you’ll achieve by learning new things.

Sure, you want to receive certifications to boost your online credibility, but, it’s even better to receive this external learning to help your business.  When you are continually learning it helps you communicate with your customers and vendors.

I say this because I finally finished a new “trick” today.  I was working on a new funnel and it took many hours to get the messaging and logistics down… I did it different from what I’ve done in the past.  But I learned a whole bunch.

This type of learning is just as useful as certification type programs.  Now, I can’t put on my website… “learned this cool trick” – but guess what… I can blog about it!  haha.

Either way – it falls right in line with today’s inspiration – learn something beyond what you mastered to keep growing!  Especially with technology and online marketing — it is evolving, you need to stay up on your skills!  We are still at the beginning of this technology, even if it feels really advanced.  It’s really quite new!  I mean Facebook can’t even drive yet!

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