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Episode #282 – Is Your Sales Prevention Department Winning?

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Super simple inspiration for today!  It’s just “ugh”.  That’s what I said as I left the craft store this evening…. a simple “ugh”.

Each business has it’s own policies and procedures.  They do what’s best for them and honestly, there’s probably a back story to their “why”.  But here’s what happens when you make it difficult for your customers to buy things.

They don’t.

In the waiting line to check out you snake around double sided aisle full of treasures!  There are clearance items, small frames, gum, lightening cables, gadgets, gizmos, and of course gift cards.  I think gift cards are the easiest profit center a business can operate.  You hang small pre-carded gift cards and people buy them.  You didn’t make anything, dust anything, assemble anything… hang, sell, repeat.

I need to buy a friend a gift.  I thought to myself, “hey, this is a great idea, I’ll give a visa gift card!” so I picked up a $25 and $50 card.  I headed to the cash register. That’s when I was told I needed cash, not a credit card to pay.  I was irritated, but I did have enough cash on me, lots of ones, but I had $75.   That’s when I was informed that there would be a small service fee.

I thought about rolling my eyes…. pretty sure I didn’t… but I might have.  I just counted and I had $83.00, I figured it would be enough.  Frick.  The cashier said, it’s $83.90.  I said, $83 is all I have.  Ironically, I had cleaned all the change out of my purse earlier today… so that was it.  No more cash.  I left.

On my way home I stopped at a different store, purchased the $75.00 card and the $4.95 fee AND I used a credit card.

So, it’s not that I didn’t want to buy the card. It’s not that I wouldn’t pay the service fee that was higher.  It’s that the policy wouldn’t let me.  The “Sales Prevention Department” was open and conducting business.

Again… I run a business and we have some crazy policies, so I’m not going to criticize the policy of another place, but I will say, regularly evaluate what and why you are doing something to ensure that your Sales Prevention Department is still working to your benefit.   There are times you need a strict policy, just make sure it doesn’t cost you a good sale.


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Action Steps
1- Evaluate your policies that are “hard” – Make sure there isn’t a better or more secure option that makes working with customers smooth – it’s OK to have a Sales Prevention Department – but you need to make sure it works for you.
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