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Episode #228 – What’s Upside Down? Door is Open, Go Find Out!

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“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door.” -Morpheus

I love The Matrix!  However, it doesn’t matter where it falls on your spectrum, that quote is awesome.  You see… it’s the modern day version of “lead the horse to water but can’t make it drink”.

I have found tremendous success with the Infinity Marketing Machine.  I can give you all sorts of hits, tips, tricks, and success stories… BUT, you have to start.

If you like money… this is a great way to make it.

However, you need to start with a mindset shift.

  1. Infinity Customer instead of a “one and done” customer.
  2. Look for products your list wants instead of finding customer to buy a product.
  3. You are a media company and as such must create content that is interesting, engaging and consistent.

This is the heart and soul of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  If you would enjoy placing an ad in the local paper to find customers for the product you sell.  Keep doing what you are doing.

If you would like to “grow” your own followers that you provide products and services they desire, then you need to be ready to turn marketing upside down.

This system takes effort.  The reason it takes effort is because it’s new and feels upside down.  We all are used to selling products and we still do that… but when you create an Infinity Marketing Machine you utilize your skills of conversation and introduce exciting new options to your current customers.

I did this over the summer with the introduction of the Aqua Water Mat.  This is a new style water toy where it unfolds and floats.  Think of it like a giant folding raft that 6 or 7 people can sit on.  It’s a great way to enjoy the water with friends.  Well, it is a new product on our lake and I bought three for resale.  I sent it out as an email blast and sold all three within 2 hours.  Instead of placing ads in the paper or on Facebook and waiting for someone to come in and buy it… I offered it to our existing customers.   This generated about $1,000 profit in 2 hours.

You can do this too.

This was the first product I offered in this new style of selling. I have not found a magic formula for how much “selling” vs. how much “information” this list should get, but I have a feeling it’s going to follow the same guideline as any friendship.  You normally talk, listen, and offer advice…  I’d say follow that recipe with your customers.

And remember.  No one likes that one friend that always offers “helpful” advice, all the time, talk talk talk, without ever shutting up.  Meaning… the same rule holds true in the Infinity Marketing Machine, “sell sell sell, buy buy buy”, simple annoys people and they’ll leave.  This is Social Marketing.

Be Social.  (Now open the door)

SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1-  Pick one area of your Infinity Marketing Machine and make improvements.  Like create a FAQ page for one of your products… don’t do anything else until you do that one thing… and then do another.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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