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Episode #196 – The Secret of Successful Social Marketing

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“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally; it comes from what you do consistently.”

When you are building your infinity marketing machine you need to make a commitment to yourself to be consistent.  I’ve said it before and it’s as true as ever.  You can create the most wonderful content in the world, but you need to pair it with consistency to be successful.

That’s why I love this quote!

Do you think you could win the Olympics by practicing occasionally?  No.  You must practice on a regular training schedule.

The same holds true for your social marketing.

I’m going to give you another analogy… social marketing is like dating.  When you date someone, you get used to being showered in gifts, candy, and attention!  You learn to “expect” a regular conversation… but then one day it all changes.  No more flowers and the regular text message doesn’t arrive.  What happened? What went wrong?  Then bing you get a text and you’re happy again.  You receive a couple phone calls… then silence.

This type of irregular attention from your date doesn’t build the trust of your relationship, right?!?

So, let’s now look at posting to your audience. Are you guilty of “hit and run” meaning you have a couple days that you post, post, post – then you get bored (or busy) and you don’t post for while.  Then you’re back!  It takes on a whole different perspective when you compare the relationship you are building with your customers to that of a dating relationship.

Consistency builds trust.

You are online and building trust is a critical step in the process of creating your infinity marketing machine.  This is part of the foundation.  You must be consistent so your customers come to expect and look forward to your messages.  Don’t over promise and under deliver.  Make sure that from this point forward you pick a schedule you can always maintain.  Pick your weekly goal and develop your plan to follow through.

This is your critical “first step” develop consistency.


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Decide, right now, how many days a week you can post!  This needs to be something you can always deliver on… will it be once, twice, four times?  There is no wrong answer, it’s what you can accomplish.
2- Start!
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