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Episode #134 – Shorten Your Learning Curve Instead of Taking Short Cuts

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“Hurry sign up for this program and start making 6 figures while you sleep!” said the TV commercial.  Why is it that you need to hurry?  Shouldn’t the mere idea of making 6 figures while you sleep be enough of an incentive to get you to dial the 800 number?  Not to mention that it’s a toll-free number!

So what’s stopping you? Why is it that you can’t seem to take action on the infomercial that shows the handsome couple on the yacht that found the “good life” after giving in and calling the 800 number they certainly look rested for making all that money in their sleep!

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because you don’t believe the short cut they promote will cause prosperity in your business!  There are short cuts and there is learning from someone else’s experience that shortens your learning curve.  Recognize the difference.

When you take a short cut, meaning, you see the online offer to make thousands while you sleep or even as simple as the email you receive that says you can buy a steady stream of traffic, you will get somewhere quicker, but probably not where you want to go!

If you remember the slow and steady wins the race you will get where you want to.  However, only you can decide where you want to “get”.  Here’s a non-business coaching example.  I coach baton twirlers.  I competed for 17 years and I’ve been a coach just as long.  The evolution I hate seeing the that baton twirling is moving more into “juggling” and further from “twirling”.  What I mean is, I see a lot of people twirling three, four, and five batons at one time.  It is difficult, don’t get me wrong.  But it’s also not hard.  I say this because if you can juggle 3 balls, I can teach you to juggle three batons.  Therefore, lots of twirlers with beginner technical twirling skills are performing three baton.  They are taking short cuts.  They “look” like they are good at baton but they have bad-habits and limited technical skill.  They have gotten somewhere quicker but give it a year and they will hate where they arrived because a judge will never let them pass to the next level because they stunted their journey by taking a short cut.

This is why you must be in control of your social media.  You cannot pay someone else to do it.  If you do, you will end up with daily posts that are… well, crap.  Social media marketing is not a check box or a to-do.  It’s a way of communicating, dare I say, second-language for your business.  It’s a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

Here’s an example of why I say you need to be in control of your postings.  I work for our family marina.  If I let someone else post for me here’s what will happen.  They will set up a google alert and for articles that relate to “Minnesota boating”.  Then, when an interesting article appears about boating they will post on my Facebook Page.  The company doing the posting just sees “Minnesota boating” and posts… but the boating article happens to be about the closure of the lock and dam on the river.  We are an inland lake.  Even though the river is only 20 miles away… not one of my customers would care about a lock and dam closure.

The good news is, you can set up your own Google alerts to sort through daily and pick your own articles to re-post!  See… that’s shortening your learning curve vs. taking a short cut!

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Action Step
1- Set up a Google Alert that relates to your content mission statement. Make sure to create an alert that is specific enough to your topic.  For example: instead of boating, use “boat safety” or “family boating”.
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