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Episode #123 – Five Words

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“Make it Happen. Shock Everyone.”

Is the glass half full or half empty in your world?  Our “half full” society will find these five words inspiring.  The “half empty” world will hear the negativity.  Hummmmmmm negativity?  Yes.  I could be implying that you have never ever followed through on anything you’ve ever done so “shock everyone” by actually finishing something…


How you intend it, and how someone else reads, are not necessarily the same thing.

My five words can cause inspiration or insult.  Therefore, before you hit “post” you need to re-read.  This goes for emails and in-store signage, too.  It’s easy to write something and have it perfectly clear to you… only to find out that it’s not so clear to your reader.  You’re already on the lookout for “their, they’re, and there”.  And unless you sell motivational quotes to cannibals, “Let’s eat, Grandpa” is waaaay better than “Let’s eat Grandpa”.

So how do you not offend someone.  You can’t.  It’s impossible because if we have a “half empty” person reading or visiting our “stuff”… they are already in a mindset to be offended.  They live an unhappy existence where “Make it Happen. Shock Everyone” would be offensive.  The 5 words that never ever crossed your radar as negative, create a chill down their spine.

One thing you can do is try to surround yourself with people you want to do business with.  This starts with the exercise of creating your ideal customer.  Think of all the personal characteristics, traits, buying habits of your perfect customer.  You have one right now.  Create an avatar of that person and start gearing all your advertising to them… this should help create an environment in which you operate that fosters “half full” people.  If you have product that is “controversial” well… it sucks, some people have taken it upon themselves that their opinion is superior to others and must be heard… and quite frankly, they’re just mean.

You just keep going.

If you are a person that operates from “good” and you regularly go out of your way to simply be your best.  Don’t operate in fear, or change your writing, or become cautious.  You need to be you.  I just thought it was kind of funny when I read my inspiration as an online tweet and thought…. That could be interpreted two ways.  And I laughed.

So take my 5 words as inspiration.  Create your plan and go for it!

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Action Step
1- Create the avatar of your perfect customer – think of what you like about them and then start targeting your advertising to find more of them!
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