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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 840 – Cyber Monday Is Almost Here… Is Your Business Ready? Here are 20 Tips You Can Implement Today!

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Saturday: Try This

HAPPY Small Business Saturday!!!

This is an exciting day!

Remember I like to refer to it as Infinity Businesses — that makes me think big, well larger than BIG — which is much better than “small”… right?!?!  But for today we’ll go with Small Business Saturday!

OK so I was thinking about this post on Thanksgiving, no kidding… The post for this Saturday, I thought, it needs to be special.

Sure, I could give you a tip, a real world example, and I have a few to share… but what do you really need?

How about some actual tips that you can still implement, right now… TODAY… to increase your sales activity on Cyber Monday???  How awesome is that!

I know I know Cyber Monday is two days away… so you might think, “isn’t it too late”?

Heck NO!  You could run a sale RIGHT NOW if you wanted… all you have to do is tell people about it, right?  I mean you’re an entrepreneur, you report to yourself, so hold a meeting and just decide to make the most out of Cyber Monday.

And that’s why I made this FREE guide!  Twenty amazing tips that you can implement right now… it’s funny, the list is really just a reminder of things you know… but guess what, I implemented many of them yesterday!

For example,

Like Tip 17 which is Create a Digital Product


I made this FREE download for YOU.  Twenty Amazing Tips… your Tribe Thrive Guide to Cyber Monday!


Another Great Idea on the list is Tip 1 – Create a bundle…


Here’s Mine…

The super bundle to motivate you at your desk.



Another fun idea that made the list is Tip 4 – Create a gift guide.


And of course I’ll share my Gift Page with you — I chose to create just one page – but you can make yours larger…  Click Here to Open “The Entrepreneur In Me Says” Gift Sheet

When You download the whole tip guide you’ll actually see that I also included Tip 5 Create Discount Prices with Tip 4’s Gift Guide…

Anyway – I hope this motivates you!  There’s still plenty of time to get the most out of Cyber Monday.

Download the FREE guide -it’s a great way to celebrate Small Business Saturday!

Also… follow my Instagram (@profitcentercoach) and Facebook (@Infinitypreneur)  – I’ll be doing even more of the tips, today! #smallbusinesssaturday (OH that’s Tip 13)



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
PS:  Like my vibe? I want you to join my tribe! Begin with my quick and simple guide to understanding the 5C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  I call it #doinginfinity.  Click Here and I’ll email you a FREE download.




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