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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 804 – Clean Your Restroom!

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Saturday: Try This!


This is one of my favorites!  I love clean restroom… they make a huge difference (well… to me).

How can a clean restroom make you money?  If I have a nasty gross experience at a restroom, I will go out of my way not to go back.

WORSE.  And this drove my husband nutz… we were on a road trip, stopped at a wayside rest – and I was so grossed out, we had to go to the next store with a restroom, which was like across 4 lanes of traffic.  Yeah, he was “super” happy to accommodate my request.


He was not.

But my point is, people that stop for restrooms are more likely to buy stuff!  Use the space on the walls to pre-sell stuff.

For example…

This stop at the restroom was so confident, or cautious, about their restroom they set up a text system.  If you don’t have the system in place for a text… what do you have?  I mean people are using their phones in the restroom.

Shrug if you want, but you know it’s true.

If you can’t do text… you sure can do an email.  I’d say phone – but most people are not going to phone you, but they sure will send an email!

As for the other sign, get a fleet card!  OK, most people are not businesses – however, it mentions car washes and that let’s you know there’s a car wash right on site.


Wash your car.

Anyway, clean your restroom – it’s super duper important!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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