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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 787 – Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and…

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Quote: “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” -Bruce Lee

Monday: Character


When you want to lead, keep it simple.  One simple message that your tribe will understand.

One simple message they will rally behind!


Because more than one message is confusing AND more than one message often digs deep into complicated issues.

Let’s say you sell pies.  They are award winning, I mean you took the blue ribbon at the county fair for your pumpkin pie!  They are tasty.

You sell 12 different flavors.  Apple is your top seller.  There’s an eat in option with your cafe.  At your cafe you also have cinnamon ice cream.  When made well, you heat a slice of apple pie, add a scoop of the cinnamon ice cream, and top with caramel.

OK this smells fantastic.  (Back in my waitress days this was my favorite thing to make – dang, I still remember the smell)

Your ad shows the apple pie, ice cream, caramel, on a red checker table cloth, along side a cup of coffee, with autumn leaves on the tree next to the dog and kids playing football in the background, with parents grilling hotdogs.

The tribe you desire to attract to your pie emporium want to sit inside, eat pumpkin pie, and read a book in silence.

Your product is amazing, but the photo evokes a whole bunch of stuff that is not about pies in silence.  And worse, you should have baseball with hotdogs, apple pie… haha (if you like old commercials you’ll get that reference)

Back to Tribeology.  The core of tribeology is that your messaging, even a photo, need to convey your core messaging.

It’s critical to develop your avatar for the ideal customer you want to attract.  Very simple. Very straight forward. Then all messaging, photos & words, need to be aligned with the goal of attracting that ideal customer.

If you clutter your message, you will confuse your customer.

Don’t feature apple pie if you want to attract pumpkin pie lovers.

Develop your ideal customer profile and then carefully, specifically, and diligently work to attract them!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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