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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 768 – The Simple Success of Talking to THEM

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Quote: “Complexity is your enemy”

Monday: Credibility (Subject Matter Expert)


Last Saturday I shared a simple “Try This”.  It was a soda machine that had a sign on it that said “new flavors” that the vendor just wrote in a marker the new options.

Simple, right?

Well… it’s so obvious that it’s often overlooked.

It’s important to keep the simplicity of this story in mind as you set out on building your subject matter expert status!

How is that possible?

The simplest things are often the best understood.  And as a subject matter expert you want to lead your tribe.  They need you!


They’ll never follow you if they have no idea what the heck you’re talking about.  Remember this.

It’s super easy to get too complicated.  Especially when it comes to your messaging.  Remember to focus on speaking the words your customers understand.  If it helps, talk about the emotion of your product, not the tech specs!

I often catch myself doing this when I talk about our Dry Stack Service.  See… I just did it!  What the heck is Dry Stack?

We’re a marina and instead of keeping your boat in the water at a dock, we store it in a warehouse, on a custom built rack.  We can stack them three high using a really big forklift.  It’s very cool.  But that’s where “Dry Stack” comes from…

Well, knowing the product as well as I do, I realized I was talking about launch times, hours, cleanliness of boat — and no one cared!  Sure, visitors were polite… but what really resonated was what THEY understood.

Family time, memories, and easy.  They call.  They pack their cooler. They get in the boat.  That’s it.

We do the heavy lifting (all puns intended)

When I started talking about all the summer photos that could be hanging on THEIR living room wall.  That’s when I got my message simple, understandable, and relatable.  That’s when THEY started to listen to all of my “complicated” jargon about how the dry stack service works.  That’s when it was important to be a subject matter expert.

But first I had to learn to get simple.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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