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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 739 – Building A Tribe Makes A Difference

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Quote: “Shifting customer needs are common in today’s marketplace…”

Thursday: Infinity Customer


The fun part of creating your Infinity Marketing Machine is that you can create a group of people that are drawn together for a common interest.

Providing information and helping them discover the best of what you do.  For example, I host boating information and it’s fun to share all of the fun of what there is to do in our area.

This gives us the opportunity to sell things to a group that knows, likes, and trusts us.

But there’s another benefit… it helps us understand what they like and don’t like.  Because you are providing information to them and get an interactive response… they like it or share it or even comment.

This is helpful information!

Instead of buying a product and placing an ad… you can talk about a new trend, watch your engagement, and if positive provide your product!

But… here’s the catch… customers needs are changing faster and faster.  The greatest benefit to creating your own following is that you have a better opportunity to discover these changes.

A couple years ago I bought a cool new product – a large folding water mat.  It was fantastic, flew off the shelves.  This year, I reordered… omg… they did not sell well. I needed to get very creative and I developed an offer to promote our mid-season discount for the boat club… join our boat club and receive a watermat!

This worked well.  Here’s the deal… I would not have had the opportunity to sell these mats quickly if I did not have a tribe!

Building a tribe makes a difference.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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