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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 694 – Hidden Credibility

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Quote: You can have Reasons or Results – choose.”

Monday- Subject Matter Expert


Never miss your moment.  It’s easy to wait. It’s easy to say,”I’ll do it tomorrow” -but these are reasons.

You want results.

Your customers also need results.

What type of results can you show as a Subject Matter Expert?  This is more than education and professional certifications. While those are important, it’s not a result.

Results are those things that you have done that few others have… for example, if I wrote a booklet about applying for scholarships.  Is it useful to know that I’ve got a degree in Marketing?

Heck no.  This is absolutely zero bearing on my credibility.  In fact, it’s confusing.  It’s does not give a valuable reason to buy the book.


If you learned I have read over 1,000 scholarship applications as an admissions counselor for 5 years… would that make a difference in your purchase?

Heck yes!  You want to read the book.

Your results are important to building your subject matter expert status.  You need to discover what skills you have that are valuable to your customer and share it.

Another example…  We have a couple negative reviews on our social profile.  But here’s the  deal, we have 8 different profit centers and the one that gets slammed is when people damage a rental boat.  Typically alcohol is involved.  And because the boater are novices, damage happens.

Well they get mad and take out their frustration online.

I had someone call and question me about the reviews… When I pointed out that we host several hundred cruises every year… and that on each boat there are 10 people… and the online reviews go back 10 years… that’s well over 80,000 people we’ve served and in the course of 10 years we have 12 negative reviews, that’s not bad.

The person agreed.

But you see… that’s a results based credibility booster.  You need to start to think outside the box to find the hidden credibility that makes you… you!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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