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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #687 – Would You Pay For A Bracelet?

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Saturday: Try This!

Here’s a great example from the real world that you just might be able to use.

On a recent trip to Disney World, I made a visit to the gift shop.  That’s when I saw it… a giant wall of bracelets. Lots of colors and designs.

I looked closer…

That’s when I realized they were the Magic Bands to attach your tickets and room keys to your account.

And that’s when I looked at my gray band on my wrist and thought, “dang… they gave me a free gray one when I checked in, but this is brilliant!  Show all these wonderful options that you can buy”

They created the need for their own product.

So how can you do this, you’re not Disney World and most likely you don’t have your own access to cartoon characters.

But you do have access to YOU.

Create your own exclusive “level up” type of product / service. This could be a members only Facebook group.  It could be an entry level product and then add on’s or upgrades.

As you come up with your next product just remember the bracelets… Gray for free… designs for money!


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