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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 676 – Question Asked… Question Answered.

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Quote: “Even the Genius Asks Questions.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


How can you serve your customers? That’s an important question to answer.

I’ve found the best way to serve is through information.  Sure, positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert helps with your credibility…but really, being a Subject Matter Expert only happens with information.  Information you provide.

So how do you know you’re providing the right information?

Feedback really helps.  However… we’re not always lucky enough to have feedback so then how do you know you’re providing the “right” information?  Start with a great big list of questions!

This really is a great way to get to the information your customers want.  Take time to write down every question you’ve ever been asked.  Just write… hold a brainstorm session with yourself and think to a customer interaction and write down what you are asked!

The next step is to answer every question you wrote down! This becomes a very big and valuable asset to your customers!  When you post it on your website your customers can research and find the answers to the “common” questions AND this makes them more comfortable, often spurring more complex questions…

This way when they call they can get real “buyer” questions answered – it saves them time (and it saves you time).

It’s a great way to serve!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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