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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #635 – Don’t Use Marketing for Evil

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Quote: “I will NOT use marketing for evil. “

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Just a little reminder today, when you create content… make sure to do so ethically.  Never use marketing for evil.  It’s easy to do… but don’t.

For example…

One of my favorite movies is, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” – it’s a brilliant little rom-com about the dumb things that women do in relationships.  It’s actually a great dating “how to” by seeing the real life “how not to’s” in action.

The lead character is inspired by her friend’s dating faux pas.  The friend is needy, clingy, you get the point.  The lead writes an article for a magazine where she attracts a man, then repels him doing the “needy clingy” things herself.  Thus, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

There’s more to the movie, I won’t spoil it.

But you understand.

Create your market (attract the man) and then sell your product (implement magazine article tactics).


Is this evil?  The Man is the unknowing recipient of the scheme… I know. It’s a cute movie.

But is this using marketing for evil?’

You be the judge.  It is legal.

Next topic…

I just got done watching a podcast interview between Glenn Beck and Abby Johnson.  The podcast is over an hour long and when I initially started, I thought, “there’s no way I’ll watch the whole thing.”

I watched the whole darn thing because it was so intriguing.

I’m done watching and yet I’m still processing it… and I think I will be processing for some time to come.

Here’s why.

“Do not use marketing for evil.”

These words are swirling in my head.

I’ve heard this statement before.

Many times.

However… the world is at such a point where you can target, down to the mile, your ideal customers.

But let me repeat, “DO NOT USE MARKETING FOR EVIL.”

This post is going to be a long one, but I operate from this mantra, I’ve heard this mantra, I believe this mantra.  What this Mantra has always meant to me is… do not manipulate.  Thus my conundrum with “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” – although the lead’s attraction tactics were traditional, the intent was, well… manipulative. Dare I say, evil.

Let’s say manipulative… and as you know, it’s super easy to manipulate.

Why do I say that? Read the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini.  Just one book will teach you how easy it is to use psychological triggers to sell.

And let’s be honest, we’re all capitalists.  We want to make money. We have our own businesses… but the “Do not use marketing for evil” is such that… we do not sell to those that do not want, can’t afford, or it is not a good fit.  That was my belief in this statement…


Wholy F.   The podcast.

Chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies.  (I’m clearing my head).

Let’s say you want to sell chocolate chip cookies at the mall.  You offer free samples, you provide free smells of fresh baked cookies, you wrap them up in adorable little packages of love.  Right?  You actively attract your ideal client with aroma and love.

Sounds legit.

Now let’s say we combine our marketing plan with a weight loss clinic.    The weight loss clinic wants more clients.  So they say, “hey cookie empire, your clients are ideal for us.  Let’s partner up.”

The clinic continues with their plan, “We’ll pay you a finder’s fee if you share your customer list.  But in the meantime, we will be the ones paying for your ‘free’ cookies at the mall.’  AND give them this 50% off coupon for their cookie order if they sign up for your email list.  Your ‘Cookie of the month’ arrives in their mail box FREE… we will pay for it. Then guess what, when swimsuit weather is just around the corner, we’re going to start promoting our weight loss clinic to them.”

Is this smart business, manipulative, or evil?

Are they actually manifesting the problem of weight gain?  SURE, the customer voluntarily bought and consumed the cookies.  SURE, the smells were free and they signed up and received the 50% offer all on their own.  SURE you provided everything you promised… and more!   But you know it’s impossible to resist a fresh baked gooey hot melted chocolate chip cookie.


It’s legal.

But is this evil?

I know it’s breakfast time.  So… don’t stop reading.

This is going to be an eye opener.  So we’re going back to the podcast. I want you to listen starting at 11 minutes in on the show.

I want you to hear pure evil.

Shoot, I gave it away.

Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s just jump in.  At 11 minutes you’ll start to hear the marketing plan for Planned Parenthood.

On one level it’s genius.  On the other, it’s the moment you realize that evil really exists in our everyday world.  Their plan is so pure and genuine there are no other words to describe it, other than evil.  I’m not going to debate the merits of pro-life/pro-choice.

I’m talking about their business model.

Their product is an abortion.

So from a marketing perspective, to sell this product you must identify your target audience.


I’m going to say women of child bearing years.

One step further… I’m going to say our anti-market is men.  In fact, the further we can distance men from the discussion the better.  Their input is actually harmful to our sales.

Another anti-market would also be parents.  We must do what we can to eliminate parents from the discussion.  Again, their input is actually harmful to our sales.

Are you seeing the strategic marketing?

Here’s why you need to listen for yourself starting at minute 11.

Put your thinking caps on, where is their niche?  Where are the people that are soooooo ready for their product?

Answer… College women?

  1. NO. NO!

The college women are the consumers of their product.

I want to know who is READY for their product.

Answer…. Sweet, little, innocent children who will consume their message in the public schools when it’s wrapped in an adorable helpful little package called, “sex education”.  These 5, 6, 7 year olds simply do not have the cogitative skills to question authority or draw their own independent conclusions, these are your market.

Remember, marketing is about long game.

When you get into the schools and teach “health” or “sex education” with the same representative, year after year, you build trust with the children.

OMG… the children “KNOW, LIKE, TRUST” the representative.

Ever heard those words before?

It’s getting sick, isn’t it.

As this trusted person, you give the child birth control.  The example, starts at minute 11, please listen for yourself… the example is that Planned Parenthood KNOWS (plans) that the child will have an oops moment, and forget to take a birth control pill.

And they just created their need for an abortion.


It’s simply pure evil.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share today’s journey, we’ve gone from a cute movie, to yummie cookies, to helpful sex education person.

My take away is this.  I want you to listen starting at 11 minutes, and go through the whole podcast.  Understand what their business model is…

In fact, the last two questions are actually the most important marketing lessons that Abby discusses, from her first-hand experience. Here goes, she says that no woman in a pregnancy crisis will walk up to a woman holding a sign screaming that she’s a murderer. Kinda makes sense, eh?

In fact, it actually does the opposite; the women go away from the screaming murderer message, to the worker inside that shows them a safe comfortable place.

Remember that.

Screaming doesn’t work to attract, it repels. When you SCREAM your marketing message, you will repel potential customers and get the opposite reaction.

Parents know this…

Yet, day after day, these (air quotes) “pro-life” protesters yell, scream, belittle.  When asked why the protestors use their screaming tactics, they believe God sent them to spread their message. That makes me wonder, if God understands marketing… trust me, I’m not challenging God’s Marketing Prowess… I’m thinking that maybe… like birth control pills start the process; paid (or allowed) screaming protesters seal the deal.

Lots and lots of evil at work.

And it’s legal.

Just remember.

Perception, messaging, and manipulation are everywhere.

But please don’t participate.

The better you get at your marketing skill, the more you will recognize the line in the sand.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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