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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #615 – Are Your Pages on the Same Page?

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Quote: “Be Extraordinary Enjoy the Ordinary”

Saturday: Try This!


So today’s “Try This!” tip is something I’m pretty familiar with because it’s at our marina.

A little later today we’re hosting an open house.  This is a great opportunity for our customers to visit the marina without having to take time off at this time of year.

However, it does pose a little problem because it’s winter and there is ice on the lake but we are selling summer recreation.

So what to do?

We put our boats from our Boat Club Fleet on display in our warehouse and invite people to visit.  But we go a little further to help explain the boats.

The reason we have discovered this little trick is that each boat has a “show piece” photo and that is the one that we use on every brochure.

when the customers visit it’s hard to visualize which boat is the one they love from the brochure because the boats are not floating and they are not “in action” driving.  By associating the boat with a photo, it reassures the customer they are looking at the boat they desire.

This helps build trust AND it helps build anticipation.

Look for opportunities where you can help bring the brochure or website to life in your store… I guess the simplest way is to keep profile photos current with human appearances.  If you were a heavy, dark haired, glasses wearing person and you lose weight highlight your hair and get contact lenses… meaning… you no longer look like your photo – Update it!

When your website matches your business you build trust.  So make sure all of your “pages” are on the same “page”.

Try This!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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