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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #612 – Facebook Down… Have We Achieved “When”?

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Quote: “If not now then when”

Thursday: Infinity Customer


I just discovered something.  I’ve been trying to teach to a “system” or “process” called Tribeology.

That’s wrong.

I just discovered that Tribeology is actually a way of life.

Hear me out.

The reason I discovered this is due to one of the 4 online seminars I’m taking right now… the task was to write “my” story.  The reason I’m selling the thing I’m selling.

Well, I just chronicled my journey in formulating our Profit Center, the Boat Club.  It was a very slow growth process… until I implemented Tribeology.

Now here’s the secret, I didn’t know it was Tribeology at the time.  Looking back I can easily see it, but in the middle of it, I had no idea.

I thought I was just doing email marketing.

And I was.

But email marketing done at the same time you implement the 5 C’s and target your most loved customer will transform into Tribeology.

It’s not a process, this is a way of life.

The reason we struggle with content and having to “find something” to post is because we haven’t completely committed to the “way of life” that Tribeology requires.


Utilize your marketing skills but Live Tribeology.  This is your vibe.  This is your tribe. This is your business.

Adopt this vibe throughout all aspects of your everyday transactions and it will become easy to post, enjoyable to communicate, and exciting to repeat.

and that brings me full circle to today’s quote…

Five Simple Words

“if not now then when”

Facebook was “down” today.  If your whole list and economic security has been built on their platform, today you did not make sales.  Today you are NOT in control.

Do you want to be dependent on Facebook or risk a Google smack?

Or do you want financial freedom by attracting an ideal customer, transforming from “one and done” to “Infinity”, and controlling your future by cultivating your private list as an asset of your business?






Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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