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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #594 – How Can a Blizzard Be A Customer Reward?

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Quote: “No matter how much is spent, visiting a business must be rewarded.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer


So we’re having a little blizzard here today in Minnesota… that really has nothing to do with this blog except I’m very tired of snow (and it’s only February) – and yet the snow keeps coming. We were very close to breaking the all time snowiest February, so as long as you’re that close you might as well beat the record, right?

Record broke. Now I’m over it.

However, I’ve had two great posts today with nice engagement because of the snow. I’ve also got a little Summer Fever going on with the weather – so weather can be a great draw for your business. But, you need to plan ahead. I’ve already got the following on Facebook and on my email so it’s easy for me to do a quick interruption to their day to just say “hi” and lead the group in a joint complaint about the weather.

That’s what I want you to be able to do to. When you plan ahead and build a list of customers that know, like, and trust you… you’ll be able to complain about the weather with them! Haha

Here’s my real point.

When you have a business in the real world and you customers stop by you are able to have a dialog. With them, IN PERSON. They walk in your door, shake off the snow, and you can comment on the weather.

When you’re online, you need to take a proactive step and send out a “one sided” thought about the weather. Think of it like they did actually just step in your store and you’re commenting… and ice breaker so to speak.

This is how you reward customers for visiting you online.

It seems funny that a “complaint” about the weather is a reward and yet… there it is. When we complain about the weather it gives us something to bond about.

Granted, one of my posts was for a nationwide following, and it still worked. Why? Because there are active TV news reports about the Snowmageddon we are having here in Minnesota. This can actually be MORE impactful because someone sitting in Florida will show their co-worker the photo, or even share with their friends because they have a “local” connection.

It’s all about making connections.

You can and must make connections with your online visitors. If you have a website, give them an area to come back to again and again… this is a blog. A place of new information.

If you ship merchandise, reward them with a note or small gift. Do something to wow them. This is how you reward!

Rewarding can be bad weather, new information, or even a gift. But never silence. So just because there are no door bells alerting you to a visitor doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for reward marketing.

It actually will separate you from the rest of your competition and is one of the best ways to build your infinity customer.

Show them love!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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