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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #590 – How are Car Washes and Ballpoint Pens the Same?

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Quote: “You paid for the whole show”

Saturday: Try This!


The quote for today is one I use regularly.  In the summer we rent boats and we have several regular customers.  They come in a couple times a week.

The process to check out a boat is to listen to our orientation to the boat operation.  Well, when you’ve seen it a couple times, you’ve seen it.

However, we need to go over it each time.  It’s like the take off speech we’ve seen on a plane.   Even though you’ve seen it, you need to see it again.

I use the phrase, “you’ve paid for the whole show…” and then I finish the speech quickly.

Well… that makes me think.

What is your show?  What do you do at your business OR what CAN you do at your business to cross the line from a traditional service to a “wow factor” show?

Here was my trip to the “fancy” car wash.

First the entire process is featured with the floor to ceiling windows… but then look above the window, my car was getting the special service for clear coat.

This car wash business has turned their standard service into an experience.  You EXPERIENCE the car wash.

One very easy way I do this, and it’s SUPER easy… something you can do, too.

Make your “sign up” process special.  When you sign a new client, or sign an new contract… have an engraved pen.  Honestly, they are not expensive.  But you make the process a BIG DEAL.  They sign and you give them the pen.

It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s memorable… it’s a show.

Think of the car wash… do the pen.

Try This!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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