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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #582 – A New Use for a Familiar Technology

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Quote “Efficiency is doing better what is already being done” Peter Drucker

Thursday: Infinity Customer


Every other year I need to take my continuing education to maintain my real estate license.  Well, it’s that time of “every other” year!

I’ve been in an online class the past week and I’ve got to tell you, sometimes you come into contact with people that match your message… and this is one for me!

My instructor is the owner of the real estate school and he is a strong believer in efficiency.

Throughout the class time he has shared how he has been incorporating technology in his processes and it’s awesome!

First, the class is taught online.  It’s a live, interactive class that is taught both in person and online, at the same time… This is exactly what I refer to as an “infinity product” – he is able to increase his reach of students without adding more desks or more classes.  He simply offers the class to online students.

Can you do this?

You might think, well I don’t sell a class… I can’t do this.

Well… what about this idea.  He mentioned that many real estate agents now offer virtual tours online.  So instead of sitting an open house, you are able to pull up a video that the agent recorded.  This stream lines the agent’s time by recording once, versus, taking people to the home individually.

Another benefit is safety.  There is no way to attack an agent who is alone with the prospective buyer in a home, if there is no in person tour.  Just something to think about.

So maybe you offer tours or sales of products that you could create one video and utilize over and over.  It just takes some creative “out of the box” thinking.  Sure, video technology has been available for several years, but maybe you’ve never thought to use it in “that” way..

I thought the idea video home tours instead of in person tours was genius.  What a great use of time!  And of course, personal visits are better… but this is a great “first” visit to narrow the list.   Safety and efficiency from one resource. That’s a great infinity product.

It’s fun to take a look at an entirely different industry and see how they use technology.  Often it spurs ideas you can use, too!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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