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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #547 – One Sharp Idea

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“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” Nora Roberts

Friday: Big Money Small Change


Alright — this made me laugh… but you’ve got to ask!  Today is Friday, and on Friday I like to talk about cash – especially ideas from the real world and how we can make “infinity cash” –

Ultimately, infinity cash is the best!  It’s cash that just keeps coming.  It’s one simple thing that can be replicated without much effort, over and over and over.

The best and simplest way when you sell a product via subscription service.  Remember, I’m a big fan!  Anytime you can get a customer to buy something on a regular basis, for example monthly… you’ve found gold.

But here’s a funny one.  I was shopping on the Office Depot site yesterday… and they regularly offer subscription buying.  It makes a lot of sense for paper, toner, toilet paper.  You know, consumables.

However, I was in the market for a pencil sharpener.  Just a cheap little sharpener to sharpen a pencil about twice a year when we don’t use a mechanical pencil.

I found one!  $2.09 each… it arrived today – great product, self contained for the shavings…. you know, a nice pencil sharper, can’t say enough about it – haha.

Look at the photo… you can buy this sharpener on a subscription basis.  I’m sure someone out there buys many sharpeners and this is probably a welcome service.  Granted, I’m having trouble finding the need to have a shiny new sharpener arrive every month, but again, I’m not the ideal client.

So in terms of “Big Money Small Change” day… just offer it.  You’ve got to ask otherwise the answer really is no.  Someone out there will see this and think, AWESOME I get a new pencil sharpener every month… cool.  Might not be you, but if this is your site, do you really care?  NO, you just want to sell more.

Go for it… ASK!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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