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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 1006 – Buffet Style Experience

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Thursday Blog Topic: Infinity Customer –

Quote: “You’ve gotta start with the customer experience and work back to the technology “ ~S.Jobs


I had an amazing conversation with a customer of ours today… I was on our dock helping catch boats.  You see, we had massive winds blowing in to shore. 

Massive doesn’t convey the winds – they were strong.

So I was out helping catch boats and a customer arrived at the dock.  He’s a business owner of a restaurant.

He was happy to say that they have once again started opening the indoor restaurant.  But Sunday is a problem…

The reason is they typically do a buffet, but with COVID it’s problematic.  They would then have plated meals… but that’s hard because he likely would need to work the grill.

So what to do?

I happened to say, it’s all about the experience – why not family style.  They already have a take out “buffet” so instead of taking out, they already know the margins… so why not make it for the in house crowd. 

People are craving “experiences” so it’s time to give them fun.

However, in regards to experiences, you can’t get wrapped up in your technology!  I know this first hand.  We have implemented several new technologies, this season… and they are well received, but the back end for our staff is getting “jumbled”.

As you consider your experiences start with your customers and work backward… all the way up to “how” you create the experience… but there’s one more level, and that’s how the employees interact.

You can’t have a great customer experience without an amazing employee experience.  Remember this as you build your next cool reimagined buffet!




Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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