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Tribeology – Episode #520 – It’s OK to have Fun.

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“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katherine Hepburn

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

I give you permission, today, to start having fun!  You need to relax and enjoy communicating with your tribe.

Notice how I said tribe?  YES, communicate as if they are already a tribe, in other words, start to share your personality right from the start!

You need to attract “customers” that want to be around you… if you have some sort of mask or false appearance, then “BAM” hit them with your personality – it could really be off putting.

I’m not saying YOU’RE off putting, far from it.  But you are spending a great deal of time AND MONEY to advertise or write content to attract your “customers”.  Give them your real self right from the start.

Typos and all.

Improper conversational grammar.

Just be you!

This is a really hard concept to grasp.  Well, not so much to grasp as it is to put into action.  I think we can all see the benefit to being genuine with people from our first encounter.  Think of it like a party.  You hate “FAKE” people, right????  You hate everything about that fake nice party goer…

Get the point?

If you are something fake and then, when someone jumps in and subscribes and all of a sudden because you’re “behind the wall” you start rambling about your dog or chocolate chip cookies (two things I’ve never gone off on tangents about… haha) – but if you start doing that out of the blue, it’s like you’re switching gears on someone.

Be true to yourself from the start!  It’s much more freeing, rewarding, and like Ms. Hepburn said, FUN!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Week in Review”!
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