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Tribeology.com – Episode #526 – How Do You Level Up Consistency?

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“Appearances make impressions, but it’s the personality that makes an impact.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

I just spent about 20 minutes looking through the Vineyard Vines Christmas Catalog.  How is that possible? Because it’s an enjoyable experience… that’s how!

OK.  I’ll admit. I love the clothes.

But I’d love it if you got on their mailing list to take a look at how they use their brand to form a tribe.

It starts with their pink whale.  The pink whale that they are not afraid to dress up in different patterns and outfits.  I’m referring to their logo… On the T shirt page it has the hockey whale next to Hawaiian shirt wearing whale.  It might seem like a strange contrast of hobbies for December… but it works.

Their vibe is the “Good Life” with their emphasis on sports and travel.

Here’s a fun twist to their catalog they regularly use their own staff as models.  Sure you’ll have the professional pretty people in the size zero clothes… but on the next page are the girls from marketing with a pineapple drink in their hand, or the guy from creative climbing a palm tree.  They are wearing the clothes they sell, but more important their tribe is getting a “behind the scenes” view of the company.

A final observation is the page with the heavy fleece pull overs and the description, “we can’t even begin to explain how soft this is… you’ll just have to feel it for yourself.” – It’s not soft like puppies on a cloud… it’s “you’ll have to feel it for yourself” that’s bold.  And you know what… I do want to feel it for myself!  haha

I’m mentioning this catalog as a mentor to your tribe building skill.  Look up their website and study what their vibe is all about.

YES it’s Tuesday and we need to create consistent content.  We need to show up at regular intervals in our followers email or social media feeds.


Let’s reread today’s inspiration: “Appearances make impressions, but it’s the personality that makes an impact.”   Show your personality!  It is what makes an impact.

Use “Content and Consistency” as your tool to share your VIBE!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Week in Review”!
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