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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 496 – Two for One Deal… Every Day!

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“Social is how customers hear about you, search is how they find you & content is how they’ll remember you!” Martin Jones

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Today’s inspiration is one of the most important you will read.  Print it out and put it on your wall.

Just when you are confused as to the difference in Facebook, Google, and your Email newsletter.  OR their importance to your business…

Pull out this paper and read as a refresher.

I do a lot of “stuff” online and this inspiration captured my attention.  It’s a terrific reminder.

You need search so people find you.

You need Facebook (insert your favorite platform) to share your personality


You need content so people remember you!

This means you need to write or create videos that evoke an emotion.  However, a best practice is to incorporate your own blog/vlog so your creative content becomes searchable.

You see… it’s possible to create a super amazing post on Facebook – but it doesn’t last.  You could have a great search policy and it wouldn’t find your amazing Facebook post.  This is why you need to create outstanding content… outside of the social media platforms, for example, on your website or blog!

Easy Tip: You can modify your amazing Facebook post and use the information on your blog this way the search crawlers can find it!  Your fans see it first on Facebook… then new comers searching for info, sometimes months or years later, will find it on your blog.

I find motivation in writing and creating blog posts knowing that you’ll enjoy it “today” and many months from now someone may find it and also get help from it!  Kind of sounds like infinity content…

Give it a try, create a post today and then recycle it to your blog or email.  Get a two for one deal out of your amazing content!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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