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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode #471 – Your Proof is Your Proof.

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“Don’t brag about your work. Let your success speak for itself”

Monday: Character

Here’s a question to ponder… how do you brag without bragging?


I picked up Mr. Pancake at the doggie daycare and I realized something… they’re really good at what they do.  This particular day care is probably one of the best in the country.  The woman who started it was a VP of a major hotel chain, but always wanted to create a country club for dog… thus a pretty amazing dog care.

You know how I know… Mr. Pancake is STILL tired.  yea!!!!

On Monday’s we talk about Subject Matter Expert and showcasing your credibility to build trust with your customers via Character… the first C of the Infinity Marketing Machine.

Well…Here’s what happens when you walk into the doggy day care.  You see hundreds of photos of individual dogs in their swimming pool.  The photos are in frames all over the main reception area.

This type of humble brag shows testimonials of those that can’t speak.  The photos show dogs simply enjoying themselves in the beautiful clean water of their pool.

The pool is their showcase.

Another feature of this doggy daycare is their reception area.  Yes, it’s complete with a front desk and gift shop.  The merchandise is for the women.  It’s a boutique.  Not a dog bone to be purchased… well there were bone shaped throw pillows.

Knowing the back story that the owner came from the hotel industry is proven with the aspects of the reservation desk, gift store and “check in”/”check out” hours.  This is all bragging about the credibility of the service you’ll receive.

You see… sometimes your proof is you actually doing.

Let’s say you own a wedding planning business and your degree is accounting.  Your credibility is proven by having error free accurate bills.  If you send out delayed bills or bills with errors, it does translate to the rest of your business, especially if you are a classically trained accounting major.  This means you must be good at weddings and accounting!

Traditionally I talk about enhancing your Linked In Profile or other social media platforms to increase your social proof.  Today I thought it would be worth a reminder that your character is defined via your follow through.  Letting your success speak for itself is a great way to brag without bragging.  It’s your brand!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Content and Consistency”!
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