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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode #454 – Are You an Impatient Butterfly?

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“Stop rushing the process. Instead, perfect the art.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Question: How do you write what your tribe wants to read?

My Answer: I don’t think you do… I think you write what YOU want to write.  But I do have a mini-formula that will soon reveal itself.

OK, here’s what I mean by writing what YOU want… I think you write from your heart. You write what inspires you and you simply let it flow.  Get the ideas in your head to flow right on the paper (or keyboard) – adopt a mindset that “it’s important to share”.

Now, here’s the deal.  Focus less on the sentence structure and focus more on message.  When that happens you can focus on a title to grab attention. When that happens, you can include a call to action.

You want your readers to do something… but you have to attract them… and in the middle of all that is… your message.  If you skip a step your message gets lost!

Check this out:

  1.  I create a great message and call to action… but the title is bland.  No one reads it.
  2. I create a great title and message… but no call to action.  It’s read and forgotten.
  3. I create a great title and great call to action… but fluffy message. You lose credibility.

When you change your mindset to creating posts that are helpful and appreciated by your tribe all you have to do is: create a title to attract, create a message that’s useful, and create a call to action to help them.

That’s it.

Your map to creating a “perfect” post is simple.  But this does not mean you can rush the process, after all, it is an art.  If we’re impatient, we only have caterpillars.  The world needs beautiful butterflies, not impatient ones.

Take a moment, use this mini-formula, and write one great post… TODAY! Use my Title, Message, Call to Action formula — and don’t forget the hashtag #doinginfinity

Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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