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ProfitCenterCoach.com – E460 – Five is for Fire

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“Storytelling is a powerful communication tool to get your message across.”

Tuesday: Content and Creation


Yesterday our Store Manager said, “Shoot… my assignment is due by 7pm”.  She’s in college… It was 3:00pm.  The assignment was for her Sign Language class.

The goal of the assignment is to take the numbers 1 to 10 and tell a story.  Oh, it had a twist.  The story she needed to create had to associate a word with a similar motion to the number… so it’s like a “one bun” “two shoe” rhyme, but in sign language, the signs look similar so it’s equally as memorable.

She was so stressed, then finally started telling the story of a cute fire fighter.  For example the number 5 is all fingers extended palm facing your nose.  To make the sign for fire you fan your finger in the motion of flames.  The more the story came together, the more excited she got!

Her story taught the numbers and it did it in a fun memorable way.  Her goal was to teach the numbers.  She had a goal and an outcome and she met her deadline.

Did you see what I did?  I told a story.

More important, for your content creation purpose, I taught you that having a goal and an outcome are important for your story.

Goal: teach the numbers in sign language.  Outcome: told a story.

When you want to teach your customers something.  Remember we’re always teaching.  We teach about our products/services.  The best way to teach is through story.

You just learned a creative way to create content via story telling AND you learned how to sign FIRE along with the number 5!

Today: create a post, but use a story.  Come up with your desired goal and outcome and wrap it in a nice little story to teach your customers!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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