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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 32 – Treat As Individuals and as a Group

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“I may not be different, but I’m definitely not the same.” William J Dybus

Write this inspiration on your wall as you develop your followers.  Here’s the reason why.   You can treat your group as a cohesive tribe but you cannot think of each individual as the same!

So what the heck does that mean?

Message creation!  You want to provide information that your group craves.  Once you figure out what this is you’ll transform your group into a tribe.

A tribe is a loyal group that will follow you anywhere!

The tribe becomes one at this very moment. They find a collective mission and want to support your in your journey.

However, just like our inspiration says, that makes them “not different” but it also makes them “not the same” meaning they maintain an individual identity at the same time they are united in their mission to follow you!

This is a critical point to understand in the Infinity Marketing Machine.  Your ultimate goal is to build a tribe.  You start with customers or followers… but the goal is a tribe.

The tribe is loyal.

Think of your tribe like snowflakes.  You have a big pile of snow… but when you look close each flake is unique.

Therefore, keep individual records of people as you collect their email addresses.

Learn to categorize them.  For our marina we send different information to our boat rental customers than we do to our boat owners.  For example, a rental customer does not need to know about our special on oil/filter changes.  However, both customers want to know what activities are going on around the lake over the weekend!

See… they are one group but they are not the same!

That’s today hint – build your group as individuals so you can market different products and services targeting the correct end user!

Come back tomorrow… we’ll tackle consistency!

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