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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 30 – ASK!

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“Don’t keep searching for the truth, just let go of your opinions”

Yesterday I discussed why you need a list.  The list that you ultimately can go to for promotions and making money.  Not a list of followers on a social platform like Facebook, but, a list of email names.

And that’s fine, but…

How do you create this list? You start.

Make the commitment to yourself to put this first on your priority chart! If you don’t believe me… well, this is exactly what I did at our own business to quickly build our email list.  AND I had fun doing this, but you’ve got to start now.

You see, right now there are people visiting your website…. don’t let them get away… get a collection form on your site, now.  Same for your in person location.  Get a simple paper form on your front counter.  Do both of these things today!

Next… go through your current customers and make the effort to collect their email addresses.  You have three ways to do this… call them and ask.  Send an email and ask.  or mail a form and ask!  But ultimately, ASK!

Finally, go through past clients.  Well, past clients you like.  The ones you don’t like you can pass by.  But get send them a quick note to generate interest and add them to your list.

Remember, you need to ask permission to join your list!  Never just put someone on your list… you don’t like that happening to you…so your customers wouldn’t like it either!

Now… how do you get creative?  Offer a discount!  If you sell a special shirt in your store, discount the rate by $2.00 if they join your list.  You can also have a drawing on your front counter.  Finally, create a piece of information, like a top 10 list, short book, or even a video… just something that your customers would want to exchange their email to receive.

Did you notice I said collect these names but I didn’t focus on any sort of email program.  The reason is you can seek out the correct program for you – but you’ve got to start immediately in capturing the names.  A pen and paper works just fine right now.  Think about it… what good is a program if you have nothing to put in the program.

It’s time to eliminate your excuses!  Start collecting the email addresses you need to make your list.

Oh and come back tomorrow… I’m going to share the benefits of your list.  Hint… it involves Freedom.

BTW:  Ready to join my list… ?  start here


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