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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 23 – What Story are You Telling?

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“I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult” Rita Rudner

So I was out walking my dog today — then I realized, he sure is full of American Spirit right now!

I create personalized dog collars as a hobby business… Mr. Pancake is sporting a brand new stars and stripe collar and leash combo.  However, he also got a hair cut last week and picked up a pretty bandana, also in a stars and stripe theme.  That’s when I wondered if I had turned into one of “those people” – you know… the crazies that dress up their dog.

He’s not a teeny tiny little dog either – he’s a big doodle with a fuzzy face.

That’s why today’s inspiration caught my eye.  After thinking that I probably have crossed the line into needing help for my dog decorating disorder… I then wondered, do birds overhead just look at him and laugh?  They probably do, but guess what… when Mr. Pancake wants food, he simply goes to the kitchen.

No hunting needed.  The birds on the other hand spend their entire day on the search for food.

What does this have to do with the daily running of your business?  Your business needs a theme and you need to believe in the theme right down to your “stars and stripe bandana” – There’s a vibe you create… even if you don’t think you create a vibe, you are.  The vibe might be happening TO YOU instead of you intentionally creating it.  But it’s there.

Your logo, your colors, your furniture. They all come together to tell a story.

Therefore, you need to ask… “What story am I telling?”

That’s the question for today! The goal is that you want to be so proud of your “stars and stripes bandana” that the other businesses think you’re part of a weird cult – all the while you know the truth and that is…  they have to hunt for their food while you simply walk to the kitchen.

Be the vibe behind your tribe!

BTW:  Do you like my vibe?  Then… join my tribe…   start here


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