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Autoposting - Tweet a Post

autopost facebook twitter

I'm often asked what I think about autoposting.  There are two different topics at hand when you write "autoposting" - first is scheduling and second is actually linking accounts.  I'm of two minds on the topic.,, well both topics.  Scheduling can be a great way to save time and maintain consistency in getting post to your followings.  But you do need to be careful to have a printed schedule (somewhere) that you can refer to in the event of a BIG emergency... nothing will ruin creditability faster than a post during a tragedy. 

Linking posts is also fine when you start.  At the beginning when you're getting your feet wet and need to simply start, by all means do this.  It's a way to find both Facebook users and Twitter users in the same pond!  If you go to Facebook.com/twitter - that's the beginning of your start!  Simply link your accounts you'll be tweeting your posts... that means - what every you post on Facebook will automatically post to Twitter.  At the same time.  That's it!  Easy.  

Hint: follow the 140 rule and make your first sentence your tweet!  It's a little different writing style, but that way when Facebook autoposts to Twitter, you're actually Tweeting!

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