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Inspiration for Posts - Five different themes from one photo!

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Where do you find your inspiration for your social media posts?  I look everywhere... and that's probably the wrong answer for someone who is reading this post.  You're looking for a top 10 of writing inspirations (or possibly for someone to give you manufactured posts) -- I can't help you there, but here's an idea.  What are people doing on your Facebook newsfeed and is there something you can piggyback on? Is there something that inspires you?

I just used this tip!!!

I was inspired today by this food photo.  So inspired... I wrote this post!  It was just a friend that posted it because he thought it was neat.  Well, what message does it inspire?  How about healthy eating for nutritionists, produce variety for grocery stores, a bike shop sale, new ways to use tomatoes, getting your kids to eat veggies... that's 5 very different ideas from one photo. TIP: Start viewing your social media feeds as your "fishing pond" and inspiration will follow. Featured image Come join us for more ideas at BigFishIdeas.com

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