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I need a Fish

Creative marketing mascot social engagement spokesperson

I need a fish.  The problem is... I don't want a fish.  When I was a kid, my sister and I had an aquarium.  It was a disaster. We hated cleaning it.  The water would turn into this funky pea soup consistency before we began the dreaded task. But, after reading this article that topics storytelling enhancement techniques on Facebook... I feel a fish in my future.  Letting a mascot be your spokesperson is an awesome idea.  I can see "ask the fish", live "streaming" the fish, maybe taking the fish on location (heck... I don't even take Mr Pancake, my dog on location) Although, he did agree to pose for today's photo.  And including a photo helps engagement.  According to the article 93% of the most engaging posts include a photo, so no pressure Mr Pancake, but we'll see how you do! I'm also intrigued by sharing fans photos, so who has a mascot photo to share??? I want to see if you have live mascots, cartoon ones, stuffed ones... Let's see them!  Email to us here! Big Fish Ideas    

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