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Pizza That Disappears


About 10 years ago I remember seeing a commercial that had a line in it, "You've reached the end of the internet" And it was funny, that was almost the time that random surfing stopped. Well, yesterday I read an article on using Snapchat for business and that commercial came to mind. We've reached the end of social media if we're using an outlet like Snapchat. Guess what, after reading the article, I'm convinced it's a brilliant outlet... IF you have the right audience. If your target audience loves Snapchat, it's time to jump in. Snapchat has a "My Story" portion that holds your post for 24 hours. It just stays current for your subscribers, they watch when/if they want and then it goes away. Here's the power. You have 100% attention when they press the button. The consumer (fan) may be in control of the in/when but you get all their attention for the what!  I hope you'll read the article I attached because it has a brilliant disappearing pizza photo series. It is 8 photos long. Shows a full pizza, then slice by slice they disappear until finally the discount promo code is shown! Very creative.  Snapchat is also a perfect outlet for humor and drawing on photos is acceptable. Think of it like talking to a friend and showing your "brag book" several thoughts strung along interrupted by humor.   The other thing to keep in mind, they do have a "Snapcash" service so down the road if they evolve to a buynow button, you'll want to be ready to go with an audience.   Good luck and keep swimming.   

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