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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #699 – One Question

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Saturday: Try This


Simple. Concise. To the point.  You only get one question.

What is the one thing you really want to know about your business?  You should ask your customers!

But no one wants to fill out a long involved survey. I mean, honestly, do you want to fill out a big survey?


That is why this is the most genius survey machine, ever.  I saw this at the bathroom in Salt Lake City, Utah… and by the way – total Green!   Super Clean.


Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of the bathroom?

That’s it.

You don’t need to read the answer… it’s either red, yellow, or green.  Pretty simple to figure out yes, no, and maybe.

Do you care if the garbage cans are empty? That the soaps are full? That the sinks are clean?

NO — it’s irrelevant — you just want to know what the overall satisfaction is!  It’s pretty easy to determine if people say “red” to the cleanliness question – you’ve got to clean.

So what question can you ask at your business?

You don’t need a fancy wall information collector… you can email a ONE question survey that says it all.

Ask for an “overall satisfaction” on ONE thing… it could be friendless of front counter… speed of check out… ease of online system…

Make it so simple that filling it out gets interaction!  Remember, asking questions helps the tribe bond with you.

Try this!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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