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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 645 – Disney Style Check List

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Quote:  “Create a Problem OR Solve a Problem”

Saturday: Try This!

It’s Saturday!  I love Saturday!  It’s the time we get to review something I found in the “Real World” – it’s half the fun I have going shopping…

Look at this fun idea.

I came across it at Disney World.  I didn’t look to see who the author is… but it’s being sold inside one of the hotel gift shops… so it must be “approved” if you know what I mean.

Can you see the title?  “My ‘Way Too’ Excited To Go To a Disney Park Vacation Planner”

Here’s the genius part…

You know how overwhelming it is to go any amusement park.  You also know the money budgeting (or going over budget) aspect… right?!?  Well look at this.  You’re at Disney.  Spending Money at Disney.  Going to the Parks Spending Money.


You get to spend money buying a guide that encourages you to spend money on specific things!

I mean… “Must Eat” – yep, cotton candy, turkey leg… they are actually listed on a check list.  Well, anytime there is a check list you feel like you MUST check it off, right?

Oh goodness, you’ve got to do this at your business.  I mean you create a problem, then create a solution to solve the problem.

I guess we do this at our family business, we have a repair shop.  So when the customer is in getting their boat fixed, we suggest other items like cleaning or an oil change… dang.  I think we need a “Disney Style” check list!

Try This!

Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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