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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 627 – Make Money on Local Events

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Saturday: Try This!

As I wrap up my week of reviews… this “Try This” is fun.  It shows how if you stay in touch with your local community you can modify your product to attract visitors and make extra money.


Original Post August 18, 2018


The third week in July, every summer, if you visit the city of South Bend, Indiana you will be at the heart of baton twirling in the United States.

The National Baton Championships happen every summer during that week at Notre Dame University… I spent 9 summers as a competitor and several years (so far) as a coach!

This competition brings in just over 4,000 twirlers!


It’s a total twirling takeover of the city!

When I was a kid, occasionally the area businesses would encourage a visit to their business by offering a discount, for example, Pizza Hut used to give you a free soda when you wore your medal to dinner!

Well… here’s a cool Facebook post a friend of mine created this past July.


The Super Target bakery created “baton themed” cupcakes!  How easy was it to take a 6 pack of cupcakes and put a baton on 3 of them… OH MY, pretty easy!


Someone had to have the idea AND follow through on it.  But with 4,000 twirlers (and their parents) it’s smart to create a “something” that draws customers in… I mean, look at the cute photo that showed up on Facebook, all because someone made a gray frosting baton!

Look for opportunities to welcome conferences, special events, or visitors to your business.

Cupcakes, name a sandwich, create a shirt, how about a special card for a floral arrangement.  Very simple things can create a positive vibe.

If you don’t have an actual product to create… learn how to welcome your guests!  For example, you can also use a white board and write a welcome visitors message.  We’ve done this with our pontoon boats, we have listed the cities, states, or even countries the visitors are arriving from!

We received lots of positive feedback from this… kinda makes me wonder why we stopped it… hummmm…. something for me to figure out today.  (scratch head)

Alrightie, your turn…

Try this!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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