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Episode #386 – The Interactive Stop.

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Saturday Try This!

Add an Ipad or tablet to your waiting area!   And by waiting area, I mean any area your customer has spare time.  This could be outside a restroom area, or near a cash register… or even add a tablet in an area you need a sales person but simply don’t have a human.

We did this last summer in our retail store!  We used this technology to help us with a “consistency of message”  opportunity.  We needed to make sure specific information about our rental boats was given to our customers.  Well, via the internet we created a 45 second YouTube video that we are able to access by a wireless connection.

We live in an exciting time with all of the technologies at hand!  I mean, sure sometimes it frustrates us… but when a small business can by a simple tablet for $35.00… yes… we bought it for $35.00 and it can be linked to the wireless connection we already pay for… and we use a video that we created with an iphone… I mean think of how many technologies make it “easy” to create a video that you can show a customer on demand.

NOW ask yourself, why aren’t you utilizing this AMAZING opportunity?!?!?

Try this!

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Action Steps
1- Add an interactive opportunity to your store.  It’s a great way to help your customers love your business.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)





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