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Episode #331 – The Fun is in the Details!

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Your business is an experience.  Whether you believe this or not… YOUR BUSINESS IS AN EXPERIENCE!

Here’s why this is true…

When you visit someone’s home is it an experience?  How about when you visit your friend’s office?  Better yet… tell me all about the feeling you get visiting the dentist’s office… yeah, the dentist office!  From the moment you wake up, then get in your car, to walking into the office… then of course the sound of the music, the feel of the magazines on the waiting table, the “NEXT” that summons you to the door that opens to the hallway you walk down, until you see the chair.  The creek of the vinyl as you sit, the feel of the bib as the chain clasps behind your neck, and finally the sound of the drill.

OH yes!  The experience is real!

Notice how I left out the spit sink?  haha

Here’s the deal.  Your business creates an experience.  So… what experience do you create?  What is your music, scent, ambiance?  You must be aware of all these things in the “real world” because as you build your online world it must match what your customer experiences in person.

I loved this chalkboard that announced specials for the hotel beach experience they offered.  They used a boogie board that doubled as a chalkboard… so even though you were in the hallway when you saw it, it automatically evoked an experience!  It’s very simple and extremely effective.  Look for these little details to build your businesses experience.

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Action Steps
1- Be on the look out for a way to support the experience your business creates.  This could be a picture frame that holds the weather… maybe it’s a video playing on the counter… maybe a certain scent air freshner… find it!
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