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Episode #319 – Old School AND New School Marketing at the SAME TIME.

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Fantastic Idea Alert!

You need to do this.  Oh my… and it’s so simple.  Print up your good reviews and post them on a bulletin board.   I saw this at the RV show.  If you’ve never been to an RV show, you’ve got to go!  There are some pretty amazing vehicles out there.  AND they have mini-donuts!  YUMMMMM.

Seriously, how easy is this idea!  The internet is still mysterious.  I mean… right now, you’re reading this blog on the internet.  And yet, the digital bells and whistles are floating somewhere around you.  As soon as you’re connected to a computer or smart phone, bing, you can see it.

But what about people that stop by your store?  Can they see your reviews?  Probably not… but when they’re standing at your cash register or waiting for the restroom, they have time to read!  Print up your reviews (the good ones… haha) and pin them to a cork board and let people read them!

You have a captive audience and nice words about you… you may even receive a few more reviews because of making this “in person” “real world” display!

Try this!

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Action Steps
1- Print up and post your reviews on a cork board… in your store… just use PAPER.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)


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