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Episode #307 – Two Reasons Why The Atlanta Airport has AWESOME Restrooms!

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Hello Atlanta!  Your restroom was exceptional!

Last night I had a connecting flight through Atlanta.  I wasn’t thrilled… I still had (have) a head cold and I do what ever I can to take direct flights.  SO traveling from Concourse A to E was not the highlight of my day… until I stopped at the restroom on Concourse E.

Here’s the scoop… Concourse E has a mighty clean restroom!

It’s shiny, tidy, well maintained, full of soap & toilet paper, it smells good, there are locks on the doors, the stalls doors are in alignment, there hooks to hang bags on, there’s a fair amount of room for luggage, and above all – there are a lot of stalls! NO LINES! WOO HOO!

Now, was it really necessary for me to go into this much detail about the bathroom?  NOPE.  Is there any reason that you find out on a scale from one to seven that I feel the soap was a  7?  Or do you need to know that I prefer “clean breeze” vs. “Hawaiian Holiday” for a fragrance?  NO it’s not necessary and that’s why surveys fail!  People do not want to take an involved survey.

All you really need to know is… I was satisfied

And you know what… one question is all the Atlanta Airport asked.

When I left the bathroom, strategically placed at a level and location you could not miss on your way out… was this Ipad type touch device mounted in the wall.  It has a high end sophisticated look while still being friendly and approachable!   Three simple “smile faces” using Green, Yellow, and Red capture your attention… AND it contains just one question.  The target was big enough to touch while walking.  The question was simple enough to grasp while walking, the location grabbed your attention while walking — I’d estimate they had 3 seconds to get your attention, get you to comprehend the question, and get you to respond to the question.  But you know what…


So try this!  Ask ONE question.  Have it so simple that people will respond and implement it.  I bet you have an area of your business that you could ask one question and find out some valuable information.  In regards to the bathroom question, I bet the staff likes to know that their work is appreciated as exceptional!

I’m sure this is a significant KSI “Key Success Indicator” for the entire airport.  I’m also guessing that more than one manager looks at it and takes notice of it…

Well Done Atlanta… not just for the exceptional restroom, which I really appreciated… but for the super awesome idea on how to collect information!  EXCEPTIONAL!

PS:  Love that word choice… way better than “good” “great” “excellent” — it’s just a fun word.  “exceptional…”

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