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Episode #283 – Cuddle Up With Pickles.

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It’s Saturday, time to get real!  It’s when we explore a great idea at a real world business and implement it at your business.

This idea is from Milio’s subway shop.  Now… this is when you start to wonder, um…. I sell wedding gowns, what can I learn from a sandwich place?

You can learn a lot… if you open your mind.

The idea I’m sharing is the “National Day Of” celebration.   Everyday there are at least three topics… some days there are 7 or 8, there are weekly celebrations and monthly celebrations.  What I recommend is looking at the calendar and seeing what relates to your business and using it as a conversation starter!

I don’t like it when business just re-post the topic of the day – that’s lazy.  I like it when they get creative.  So look at the sub shop – they are not celebrating sandwiches or picnics… they’re celebrating pickles!  AND they created a pickle-on-a-stick!  How cool is that – they made a sign for their counter and it’s sold as an impulse/add-on item!

Fantastic job.

This is a great site to utilize for your upcoming celebrations.  The link I put will continually change to stay current, regardless of when you look at this post.  But for those of your reading in real time… here’s January 6th celebrations…

National Bean Day
National Cuddle Up Day
National Short Bread Day
National Technology Day

Do you get any idea of how to utilize something like this with your business?  In the aforementioned Wedding Gown Shoppe, I’m sure “National Cuddle Up Day” could prompt some cute ideas!

Now it’s your turn to “Try This!”

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Action Steps
1- Take a look at the “National Day Of” Calendar and plot a couple days for the next month that are relevant for your business that you can creatively spin for customer promotions!
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