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Episode #265 – What’s Your Elevator Speech?

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It’s Saturday – that means it’s “try this” for our daily blog post!  So here’s the question, “Who has spare time?”  If you’re laughing… how about your customers in an elevator or your customers in a restroom!  What are you doing to engage their spare time?

It’s funny that in a world where our attention is so distracted we still have a few areas of massive “spare time” — I was thinking about this as I read the weather forecast for the town I was vacationing in…

Each day I read that bulletin.  It was great, well, the first time.

By day 5 of my stay I started to wonder if they would ever change the information. So there’s your cautionary tale.  If you have a captive audience – such as an elevator.  Use this “spare time” as a great opportunity to engage your guests… BUT… make sure to switch up the message regularly.  I mean daily.

Imagine if they had included a “special of the day” in their gift store.  Honestly, a hotel only need 7 specials… most people who are not there more than the 7 days. This would be so easy!  Give guests something fun like the weather forecast but also include a daily special, tip of the day – I mean, this is the Ultimate Elevator Speech!

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Action Steps
1-Find a “spare time” space at your business, it could be the elevator, restroom, waiting area, or standing in line… develop a way to share your business personality, share information that is useful to your customer and include a daily special!
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