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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 839 – Same Holiday But Very Different Vibes…

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Friday: Big Money Small Change


Quote: “Success is about spending your life in your own, unique way.”


Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving – also known as Black Friday… well, I want to jump back one day and talk about being fearlessly authentic – which by the way we have an entrepreneur motivational line in our store with that motto!

So what does it mean to be fearlessly authentic?  It means to be true to yourself… and one amazing way to do this is in your posts.

The goal is to give your tribe the ability to understand the personality of your business and the best way to really understand this concept is to focus on holiday posts.

Here are the first 4 that popped up on my Instagram feed… they ALL are simply a “Happy Thanksgiving” Message… but look at how unique each one is to their business.

Whether it’s gift items, doggy day care – or my favorite the dog groomer… each takes the time to add their own flair to their message.

This is a very simple way to increase the loyalty of your tribe… and as we know, loyalty does bring money to you.  Not an instant connection but you need to build the tribe and the way to build them is to share your personality – so as the holidays approach – think of how you can share your unique business personality with your customers!

If you love the “Be Fearlessly Authentic” idea – it’s Black Friday so here’s a reward for reading this far….

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Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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