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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 766 – How to Make Money by Embracing Your Inner Grouchy Kitty.

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Quote: “I wish I was a unicorn — so I can stab idiots with my horn”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

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Because today is “Big Money Small Change Day” and I’m here to prove a point. (get it)

Share your personality!

The one thing that’s the hardest point (haha) to get across to people when they start their Infinity Marketing Machine… especially when they are “old school” meaning they grew up loving anything John Hughes… the hardest point in your writing is to share your personality.

I’m not kidding (well I am, see… I’m a smart alec)

But my point (again.. haha) is that you need to share your personality through your posts and writing. This is difficult for those that did graduate in the 80s because we were taught to write within strict parameters.

In fact, we did not have fun.

I like to write with… (dot dot dots) and USE ALL CAPS – I even make up words.  But this is my personality.  If you love the 80s, and have zany personality with puns, etc… then follow me — because this is your tribe.

NOW… outside of actually telling you to follow me — you should feel comfortable reading someone else’s post and think… yeah that person is pretty cool… I think I “get” them.

And this is what spurred my magical post…

GET IT?  There are LOTS of yoga studios.  Depending on your style, you could be earthy, trendy, retro, intense, peaceful… but there is a studio for you that matches you.

I was flipping through my posts on Instagram and this video of this ornery “cat” caught my attention.  The “kitty” looks angry… then it strikes at the camera.

The caption is perfect.

IF you “get” this post – you want to do yoga with her… You want to be a part of her tribe.  I don’t do yoga but I totally understand her!

This is the easiest way to attract your tribe — be yourself in your posts, show your personality and if you’re a grouchy kitty — embrace it!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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