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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 754 – A Great Big Amazon Share

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Quote: “Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it” Khalil Gibran

Friday: Big Money Small Change


Yesterday I ended my day by balancing our cash register.  I found a penny from 1954.   I started my day on a tour of our local Amazon Fulfillment center… fascinated by the robots.

OK… let me get this out of my system

Robots are freekin cool.

OMG.  If you’ve ever thought about automating your business – then visiting a company tour where they’ve done this is like an amusement park for your mind.

The products come in the door, there are plenty of humans to support the robots — but dang.  They just keep going – I kind expected the Energizer Bunny to pop from around the corner banging that drum!

He did not… but here’s the deal.

The tour was great.

I saw the future… here now.

I saw the possibilities of how to make the future happen now.

AND I also got a photo and water bottle.

My cousin invited me to go on this tour… I joked, the last tour we went on together was in 2nd grade.  Our elementary school was 2 blocks from Tonka Toys… every child received a cute doonbuggy for visiting.

Amazon had awesome water bottles!

OK – not that that’s the reason to visit or even have a tour.

But they built this facility as a showcase for the tour.  Here’s why it’s important for you to learn from Amazon on our Big Money Small Change Day… the first stop on the tour was a hallway.  It was outside a class room.

That’s when the tour guide, Tony, told us about the education benefit for being an Amazon employee… it’s VERY good. Then he told us about the maternity benefit… it also is VERY good.

WHY do they do this?

Because they love their company and those on a tour are potential employees.

The tour is your showcase of your business.

When the tour ended we learned an interesting historical reference and symbolic tribute to the founder that is in every building.  It was cool.

Then we went downstairs and they had a photo booth set up.  This how they encouraged social sharing.


Because cameras are NOT allowed on the tour.  Yet… they did not miss out on this important social opportunity.

Now… you are not Amazon, so what can you learn from this?

Showcase your business.  You can showcase it online.  Share your history.  Share your future.  Share a gift… and by all means include a way to share it on social media.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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