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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 698 – Sandwiches Have Emotions, Too.

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Quote: “Learn to express, not impress.”~Jim Rohn

Friday:  Big Money Small Change


This quote seemed perfect for explaining why I picked this post as the Big Money Small Change topic.

When you learn to express the emotion of your product you are less interested in the superficial aspects of the product.

I sell an egg, asparagus, and bacon sandwich.


What did your visual look like?  Did you have a red and white checker table cloth, black plate, yellow napkin with the sandwich in the middle?

How about a white linen table cloth, white plate with gold rim, and water glass with beads of water glistening in the sun.

Maybe you had an egg, hunk of bacon, and some veggies on a cutting board

There are endless ways to display this sandwich.

But what emotion are you trying to evoke?  When you answer this question, you will attract your tribe.

Look at this post.  Early morning cruise and a fabulous breakfast sandwich.  It also has a fork… you can feel the temperature, hear the wildlife, smell the water… you are in the emotion of the sandwich.

You feel relaxed and ready to eat.

If they said, “hey come on out, cruise around the bay, and eat our sandwich from our world famous chef”. You’d talk about the same “sandwich” but you would not achieve the same “emotion”

Don’t impress… just express!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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